Using the Enrich add-on

In this video I will be showing you some of the post processing options in the Enrich add-on.
The Enrich add-on comes with a wide variety of post production options to allow you to add effects just as you want. Every setting is divided into boxes which can be accessed separately. The Enrich add-on also comes with two interface options: ‘Simple’ for quick effects and beginner friendly, ‘Advanced’ for serious control over all the effects


The Settings provided in the add-on:

  • Color Correction: This includes all the basic color correction options such as Brightness/Constrast, Color Balance, Sharpen/Soften and even more
  • Exposure/Gamma: This box includes the Exposure and Gamma settings of the scene. It affects all the images in the scene
  • Temperature: This box allows you to control the warmth or coolness of colors in the scene
  • Tint: This box includes all the settings that you need to add some tint in the render. It is divided for both Foreground and Background colors
  • Mist: This box includes all the settings to control the mist in your scene. You can change the contrast of the ‘Z Depth’ map and also change the mist color
  • Defocus: This box includes the settings to defocus some parts of the image in the background
  • Lens Effects: This box allows you to add effects like lens distortion and chromatic abberation
  • Vignette: This box allows you to add Vignette and control its blur, size, location, etc.
  • Cinematic Border: Addes a black border on top and bottom of image
  • Split View: Allows you to have a comparison between raw and composited render
  • Save Image: Provides you with options to Save you composited image

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