Updating and Uninstalling the Enrich add-on

In this video I will be showing you how to Update and Uninstalling the add-on.
The Enrich add-on comes with a feature of Custom Presets. When you remove the Enrich add-on, these presets would also be deleted. But with Enrich, I have kept this in mind and created the Export Presets feature which will create a .zip file of all the presets installed in the add-on.

To export the add-on Presets:

  • Open > User Preferences > Addons> Enrich Add-on > Export Options
  • Select the directory to save the exported presets .zip file
  • Then Click ‘Export Presets’ button. This would take time depending on the number of presets in the add-on
  • The Preset file will be saved with the date when exported 🙂

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